I am trying to find pages M370-71-87 of the Service Manual pertaining to the fuel pump on my 1932/901. The manual I got from the website references them in the index, but they are not reprinted in the manual. This car has an electric fuel pump that may have too much pressure. This car is very hard to start when cold, and some fuel runs out the drain in the throat. This is one of the new Packard Carbs models. The mechanical fuel pump has a cork gasket in place of the diaphragm so fuel must go over the top and out to the carb without restriction. I have not tested the fuel pressure, but must assume it is over the prescribed amount. I believe my electric pump has 8 psi. I would like to put my mechanical pump back into service, I do have the removed parts and the push rod to rebuild. The only other option would be to use a fuel pressure regulator at 1-4 lbs psi.

Please help.

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